Challenge squared

Oh my poor neglected blog, how I have missed you. 2016 has kicked my butt left, right and centre, and the longer I went without blogging, the harder it was to find time to blog. Not to mention for various reasons I haven’t been crafting as much as I would like, and without craft, what’s a girl to blog about?

So I threw down a challenge to the resident sucker. 2 posts a week. 6 weeks. Find our groove and rock these blogs where we once fell in love with crafting and writing and inspired each other into new addictions.

Alongside this has been a personal challenge of mine, that followers of my Instagram would be aware of. A while back I bought a couple of mystery kits from Studio Calico, and the scrapbook kit I received was Pop Art. It was… very not me, and a reminder why I’d moved on from my subscription. It languished in my stash, until I got sick of shifting it about to get to other bits and pieces in my collection, and so I set myself a Kill The Kit challenge, to craft my little heart out until it was goooooone.

Project one, was inspired by a request from 9.5yo Bear. He first requested a book cover in one of the lairier pieces, but I was aiming for quick and easy, not labour intensive with stuff I didn’t like, so instead I hacked into an old hanging file in the recycling pile, and created a little mail kit folder for him to stash some envelopes and cards in when we travel, so he can write letters to his friends.


Project two, a scrapbook layout. After the recent And Sew We Craft retreat, I was inspired to scrap more in the traditional 12×12 style, and here, with a dedicated scrap kit, was my chance.


Project three, a card, to use up some of my least favourite papers. In the meantime, the card has grown on me, despite not loving the superset papers, and it is in the tin ready to be used.


Project four was a project life spread, another project I am so far behind on, and I even managed to get the year wrong I’m that far behind!!


I have a few more bits left, and another project in the works, but with various life commitments requiring my headspace this week, they have been pushed to one side for another day. Or maybe even today for a sanity break. Wednesdays are now our lay-low-enjoy-the-sunshine-and-shoot-the-breeze kind of days, and Beetle is in love with crafting. Some paint for him, paper for me. I have a quilt in mind I want to start. New yarn to add to a blanket. A pattern to write, workshops to plan, prints to run, a puzzle in progress. A whole day for my wee boy and I to please ourselves and soak up the little moments of magic that is toddlerhood. Happy hump day friends, it’s so nice to be back.

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