Christmas Prep starts with crafting

With just over a month to go, it’s time to admit Christmas is indeed coming, and pull my finger out and get organised. First on my list is an advent calendar. I’m playing with a few options, but I think all options will incorporate in some way, these cute bottle cap ornaments from this tutorial, that I started all the way back in 2008 and gave up on in disgust. I’m much more confident in mixed media now so 2013 is the year I will finish them!


Also on the Christmas crafting plans are some cute little goodie bags for class mates and friends – I have bags and a new die for my Big shot coming (and yes, I know I’m technically on craft  restrictions, but this one is legitimate – buying the die plus bags plus cardstock turned out a boatload cheaper than the kits I was planning on buying to do just Bear’s class, and now I will have enough stuff to do school class + drama class + music class + all the little friends we like to bless at Christmas time). New stockings are required, so I’m thinking of using some Christmas stash fabric to make these cute quilt as you go stockings that I pinned after seeing them on the And Sew We Craft linky party this morning. I also was very kindly gifted a couple of canvases to join in a Christmas mixed media swap that it due to be posted in a week or two. It would seem my craft room will be Christmas central from here on in. First though, today I have a dolls quilt that is so close to being done I want to quilt up. I have photos to edit for a pattern so I can hopefully get the Etsy store relaunched this weekend. A playdate with a dear friend and snuggles with my not-quite-so-well Butterfly. Possibly a spot of online Christmas shopping.

Time to stop the denial and get ready to rock Christmas 2013. And what better way to get in the mood that with Christmas craft? Now if you’ll excuse me, Pinterest is calling my name… do you have any must-do or just super cute Christmas crafts you’d recommend I check out?

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