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…december daily 2020…

…december daily 2020…

One of these days, I will have my December Daily plans in place by mid November. This year is not that day. It was around lunchtime yesterday I sent a panicked message to the Enabler In Chief. December was closing in rapidly, and I had zero plans.

A bit of brainstorming and a few ideas kicked around, and a plan started falling in to place. The brilliant idea of a daily tag was irresistibly novel, and I was keen for the challenge. A tiny tag album for a Christmas in a tiny house? Perfection. While in town yesterday, I picked up a few packs of tags to get me started. My Christmas paper stash is looking rather sad, so plan A was to use what was left of the pack I designed and printed for December Daily 2015. Once I had them out, I didn’t think they would work – the prints were too large. That’s an easy enough problem to solve though, and so I quickly jumped online and ordered a fresh set, with the 6x8s printed as 4x6s instead. The scale of the print in the smaller size works a lot better.

I’m really looking forward to the small scale of these tags. To fit on the tags, I will collage my photos to fit 4 on a 4×6″ print – these I will just upload and print in town, as the tray of my Selphy printer has disappeared. I’ve obviously stashed it in a Very Safe Place!

Advent around here is off to a fabulous start. We got to sing at church on Sunday for the first time since early March. I made a snap decision yesterday to wind back school to the basics. It’s just too hot to focus for long at the minute, so we are sticking to a pared-back rhythm of reading, maths, and working our way through the backlog of our Kiwi Crates. There will also be daily advent activities in the calender that my organised self finally got together this morning while the children were in a virtual excursion. I plan to completely soak in the whole Christmas magic of the Advent season this year. For many years I worked a crazy schedule right up until the last few days before Christmas, then bushfires derailed last year’s plan to Do All The Things. This year, I am all in. There’s crafting and clothes sewing and daily documenting and we are full steam ahead in shaking off the 2020s with a whole host of festive spirit.

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