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…december daily set up…

…december daily set up…

Sometime back in October, I vaguely floated the idea of designing a new set of December Daily papers, as has been my habit in previous years (hiding in the archives are the 2013, 2015, 2016 digital papers). Come November and the addition of a new ipad and an apple pencil to my collection, I got another spurt of mojo, and managed exactly two papers before…I don’t know what happened, to be honest!

The whole idea then got shelved, and subsequently ignored (or dare I even say it, forgotten), until the partner in crafty crime hit me up with a trademark genius idea and it’s corresponding YouTube link. A cute and easy little brag-book style mini album with pull out pages in pockets? Heck to the yes.

With Christmas just around the corner and the usual end of year craziness upon us, we are working on a reduced school schedule, and mainly doing Christmas themed lessons, so this was the perfect craft to kick off our first week of advent lessons last Monday. We picked up a couple of paper pads and a roll of double-sided tape at the cheap shop while out running errands, and spent our afternoon in the craft room, chopping and folding and taping and stacking and made ourselves a little book each, to scrap ourselves some december daily adventures. I’m really looking forward to seeing what the children see as moments to record!

In fact, it was so fun, I decided to make a second book, using my own papers, because seriously, how fun is it to make something with a base material that you have also made yourself? Because I was printing at home, and took the easy option of “select all –> print two to a page”, so it ended up slightly smaller, and I am obsessed at how stinking cute it is!

I’ve saved all the offcuts of the paper in a pile ready to scrap with. For photos, Bear, at 13, has his own mobile, Boy2 has Mr Barefoot’s old work phone that he uses for audio books, and Butterfly & Beetle can use a couple of old iPhone 4S’s we still have floating around for road trips. Then every couple of days I will airdrop the photos across to my phone, make up a collage to fit 8 photos in a 4×6, and then print them off on my Selphy printer ready to stick into our books. By the end of december, we should have a fabulous record of the fun we have had – as I mentioned in my last post, this is the first year in four years I’m not working all month, and we intend to make the most of it!

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