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…december daily – week one…

…december daily – week one…

10 days into December, and I think I’m closing on what could be a record effort at keeping up with December Daily. The mini tag idea is working brilliantly. I did have a false start when my lack of spatial awareness skills tripped me up, and 4 pictures on a 4×6″ print ended up being much larger than I expected. Normal people, of course, would have looked at a ruler and worked it out before sending the file to print. The second attempt, with 8 photos to a 4×6″ print worked much better!

The first 8 tags! Documenting all kinds of fun, like our advent calendar, a pool day, sewing adventures, games and craft, and of course, St Nicholas Day.

I’ve been decorating the tags and journaling daily, and then every 8 days, creating a collage of photos to print. There’s a pile of twine that came with the tags, that I will use in the end to bind them up into a mini book. Simple, easy, and up to date. Just the way I like my projects!

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