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…december daily – week two…

…december daily – week two…

Another 8 days down, and I am still loving this small format project

I fell a bit behind on daily journaling this week, but the small tags make it super easy to catch up. We’ve had a busy week of crafting ornaments and wreaths. Christmas parties and playdates. Slow Saturdays of knitting and crafting. Games galore. And to cap it all off, a roadtrip for a very special coffee date with one of my dearest friends.

I now have a pile of tags, 16 high. They are super fun to flick through, and my next print run will take me right up to Christmas Eve. I know what I will take a photo of that day, and it will be after our last town trip, so my next DD update will be after Christmas.

After a few rainy days, we have a bit of a break today, ahead of an absolute bucketing incoming, so I’m planning on kicking the kids outside, setting up the table for sewing, and powering through the last of the christmas outfit sewing. The vests just need topstitching and buttons, which I’ll pick up in town today. Butterfly’s skirt will be super quick. Hopefully I can punch out the masks in an hour or so as well. I was thinking of a skirt for me, but we’ll see how the day runs. I picked up a new toy yesterday, and I would like to have a bit more of a play with that. There’s also a couple of advent blogalong posts to catch up on, so I might even try and squeeze in some blogging. It’s Friday Fun Day, so we’ll dive straight in and whip this house into shape, and then it’s crafty time all the way through to party time!

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