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{december daily wrap}

{december daily wrap}

If I needed any further proof that 2020 broke me, as if all the finished projects weren’t enough, the final evidence arrived in the form of a finished December Daily. I think this may possibly be the first time I’ve actually managed to complete the entire 24 days of documenting!

The small format had it’s challenges, but I think it was also helpful for the days I fell behind, making it easy to catch up quickly and in bulk.

The papers I used were actually digital papers I designed myself a few years back, printed as 4×6″ photos at Harvey Norman, and they worked perfectly at that size.

For the prints, I used the Project Life app to collage them into two-up images over and over until I managed to get 8 on a single print, and then sent them, again, to Harvey Norman. My original plan was to print them using my Selphy, but after I bought a new pack of paper and toner, I couldn’t find the paper tray. In the way of Murphy’s Law, however, I finally found it this week – and in a place I would swear I looked at least three times.

This little album was my second last finish for 2020 – I do have one more to share before I hook into my 2021 crafting adventures. We are slowly back into real life – around here this week I’m starting to slowly begin shepherding everyone back into some kind of rhythm before we start school properly next week. I’m wrapping up report writing ahead of our homeschool renewal. There’s a whole lot of crafting I want to get done, and challenges to plot – 100 Days starts early this year so I need to finalise that as well. First, however, my third book for 2021 had me up all night with nightmares (note to self – thrillers are for morning reading only!), so I’m mainlining coffee and procrastinating with some kid craft and powering through our maker crate stockpile.

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