hello baby. or toddler.

  • The piles on my desk slowly dwindled as I pottered about, moving piles from one side of the studio to the other. Under a pile, old enough to be carbon dated, I find a package. Wrapped in brown paper, covered with pink handprints. I stare at it blankly, confused for a moment, and then recognition dawns, bringing with it a healthy side-serving of embarrasment. A gift for a friend’s baby. Born in July. Ooops. The card sitting on top has suffered more than the parcel. Marked, creased, I turf it and make a new one. A hasty arranged courier to get the present to little miss, and crossing everything it still fits!Image

    It’s been a busy kind of Monday, something about the weekend always seems to create more housework than your expect from two days. We managed some gardening, and hanging with small people. Today I’ve done my best to sneak some painting time in amongst the to-do list. But tomorrow looks craftier. I hope. Monday’s been nice, keep the trend going Tuesday.Let’s do this!

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