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Along with a houseful of birthdays, there seems to be an abundance of birthday celebrations in September in my circle of friends as well. Two such birthdays fell within a week or so, at the beginning of the month (well, one was the end of August, but I was already gearing up for The Month of Birthdays, so mentally it’s become lumped in with the rest of the September craziness!). A spot of shopping with my girl at our favourite boutique yielded us a couple of cute gifts (and possibly a little something for me too…shhh…), then all I needed were the cards. Stuck in my mind was a cute scrapbooking layout I’d pinned a couple of days earlier, and so I created a couple of similar cards using that as the jumping off point. It was also a perfect excuse to try out the tape embosser – the little something I treated myself to.



Bothe are pretty simple, but I was happy with how they turned out. It was fun to play with paper and embellishments again after such a long break from any paper craft.

I went to sandwich that quilt this morning while my mum took the children on the school run – only to discover the batting I had earmarked for it was 6″ too short. Bummer. Luckily I needed to go down the street anyway, so Beetle and I swung by the fabric shop on the way home and got some more. Boy2 (the intended quilt recipient) and Butterfly are still off galavanting with Nanny, so I’ve got everything crossed Beetle drifts off to sleep quickly and I can get hooked into it. I won’t be so optimistic to think I can get the quilting started today, I’ll consider myself lucky if I get a chance to have a coffee and maybe a spot of knitting. Holidays start tomorrow afternoon – not that I’m counting down or anything. One and a half days and the Bear is all ours for two whole weeks. School holidays are my favourite part of the school year.

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