Holiday mini scrapbook

Yep, I’m slack. But I have been working like crazy, and unfortunately, with the amount of work I’ve had, something had to give. And despite wishing the housework would disappear, it didn’t. Leaving my creating and blogging being the only area I could really afford to cut back on.


But, before the proverbial hit the fan, we went on holidays. To the beach. Headed north for the winter, to milder climes, hoping to defrost, just a little. The mornings were spent cruising the beach, building sandcastles, sampling the local cafes, playing games. The afternoons, with two little boys tucked up in their beds, I would grab my memory cards and hit the streets. A quick stop at the nearest printers, a quiet coffee while I waited, then back to the apartment, where’d I’d pass a lazy hour or so scrapping the previous 24 hours activities. All I had to do when I got home was to make a cover for the book, and all our holiday snaps were in an album, no fuss, no stress, no procrastinating!


My little 6x6inch book was bulging by the end of the week – 160photos, plus scrapped pages, index card with notes, brochures and souveniers – it’s very full!



I was chuffed to come across this gorgeous paper – to me it seemed to hum with the essence of a winter beach escape – the blue, teal and yellow sang of the beach, and yet with the brown, their muted tones whispered that it wasn’t quite swimming weather yet.



And a couple of layouts – luckily my simple style was easy to downsize to the half size pages, so I didn’t need to think too much, or spend a heap of time on each page.



Today is a bit of a catch-up day. Boring stuff, mainly. Plus some fun stuff. Making honey crackles. Enjoying the warm sunshine. Catching up with friends, and dear little babies. Dreaming big. Planning projects.  Nursing slepy babies and cuddling active toddlers. Eating jelly beans. Living, loving, laughing. Enjoying a beautiful Monday and cherising possibility. Happy Monday everyone!

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