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…load me up buttercup…

…load me up buttercup…

Every few days, I need to just shut off from the world, and my preferred scrolling option is the instagram explore page. One such scroll lead to me to discover the concept of a “loaded tag”, and I was instantly hooked on the idea. I watched the IGTV video all the way to end – something I don’t normally do – and got off all inspired to make one…all I needed was an excuse.

In the general way of things, once you start looking for an opportunity, it tends to turn up sooner, generally, rather than later. Rather conveniently, the usual suspect came through with the goods, and started sending through photos and regular updates of her new junk journal. What is more perfect for a loaded tag than a junk journal??

At this stage of the house selling process, the majority of our less-necessary belongings are in storage. Somehow, my craft supplies came to be considered “less necessary”, or at least, “most messy”, and are packed up in labelled (very detailed labelled) boxes. This was a fabulous exercise in creativity with limitations – one trip to the storage boxes to collect the goodies I wanted to make the tag with and load it up, and that was it. I would have liked to have fancified it a bit more, but I think the main tag turned out ok every within the confines of the supplies I could access and collect.

Stashed tags and tickets, die cut ephemera, even off cuts from the supplies I used to make the pockets, all got tucked in, and I have to say, I was super thrilled with how it all came together. Then, of course, came the question of how to get it safely posted. The answer, clearly – an over-crafted outer wrapping/envelope.

I did have quite the giggle as I added the “mischief managed” tag. Not only did it come from a stamp set I had borrowed from the recipient at camp, but I had also been merrily sharing a steady stream of photos, along with an instagram post full of misdirection, trying to make sure Car didn’t find out it was for her and spoil the surprise. My mischief was indeed managed and the tag arrived with the secret intact.

It was a super fun little project and I am keen to make approximately 7000 more…

This week we are at the coast for a homeschool excursion. Thankfully most of our events and workshops are outside helping us to keep our distance. Once we get home we are embracing our introvert side and staying home as much as possible, which bodes well for some super productive crafting time coming up. I’ve been busy prepping and stockpiling…no, not toilet paper like everyone else in the country. We’ve been to Spotlight while in the big smoke and stocked up on craft supplies to hoard like a normal person. Might need to check the coffee & chocolate supplies too before I lock us down fully… good thing we had topped up our food supplies last week so the children wont starve while I craft like a crazy woman!

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      Very pretty 😀 I see your paper craft stuff and think YES I need to do that… then I remember that I really don’t need more crafts!

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        You have no idea how your comment has made my day!! I’m glad to have inspired you, and there is no such thing as too many crafts! The benefit of this one is it’s mainly made from scraps and stash and needs very little in the way of extras.

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