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on project life :: 2014 finish, 2015 catch-up, and 2016 plans

on project life :: 2014 finish, 2015 catch-up, and 2016 plans

on how I plan to ctach up on 2015 and keep on top of project life in 2016

Way back, I promised monthly project life updates. And then I posted a couple of delayed catch up updates, and then I haven’t posted in months and months about my project life album, so I don’t think it’s any surprise that I say that I have done pretty much nothing. The last couple of weeks, since my last big clean up, I have had my PL gear out on my work table, and slowly worked on getting 2014 finished (yes, I really was that far behind). It only took me three or four pages to get the photos I had printed into the album, and their cards in with them for the most part, I kept it pretty simple. A bit of flair and a couple of stickers saw quilt camp done.


I did play a bit more with the Christmas spread, because the December kit just wasn’t inspiring me – mainly because it was very heavy on the winter theme, and also just stuff I didn’t like. So I grabbed some basic cards from my stash, and tizzied them up, and I am in LOVE… especially the first two.DIY Christmas Project Life cards

Seeing how easy it was to create cards I love has solidified my plans for next year. The monthly-not-weekly works really well for me, so I’ll be going with that format again next year – I’m thinking I may sit down on a Sunday afternoon and edit each week’s photos and plan out my spreads, and maybe even start making up cards and trimming paper. Inspired by the cards above,17 I will not be subscribing to any kits, despite how pretty they all look. So many great options out there! But with the exchange rate absolutely hideous, I’m reluctant to sub to even the prettiest, fullest kit. Instead, I will practice what I preach and plan to shop my stash and creating my own kit each month. At first, I was concerned about the “what ifs” – especially “what if it doesn’t work with my photos”… and then I realised, that’s no different to subscribing to a kit club. I will likely round out my stash (because, to be honest, it’s not that big!) during the year with a one-off kit here and there, though even then, I’m thinking of going with a scrapbooking kit to stretch further? I’m not sure. I’ll see what tickles my fancy. I am planning to get through January and February with what I have first. Any great kit clubs I should know about? Especially Aussie ones!

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