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on the cards :: April

on the cards :: April

Another month down, and I’m officially at the one third mark of this project. I have had my doubts, at certain points, if I would keep up with it, I will confess. There have weeks where it feels hard to be creative, where I let my messy desk be an excuse to not create. When I make the effort to catch up and stay up to date, I am pleased I’ve done it. Looking back, four months in, it is such a fun record of the year.

In my last update, I had three goals for this project this month:

*make the most of photos, don’t just print and dash – I think I managed this in most of the photos I added this month. I was sure to print photos four to a page so I had no choice but to scrapbook them.

*ephemera collection – we didn’t have a lot of excursions that would involve the collection of ephemera but I was very mindful of what I was popping in the bin and could it serve as a card (things like postpaks, cute bags from the markets, shopping tags from the coast).

*dates on my mess mat – this was a great addition to my routine. Not only did leaving my mess mat out encourage me to make more art, but it gave me an easy way to track card ideas as well as missing photos for the 100 Days Project I needed to catch up on.

Until now, I’ve been keeping all my pages on a hanger behind my desk – not only can I clearly see where I’m up to with the current page, but there’s such a sense of achievement that comes with seeing all the full pages stacked neatly together. It reminds me, on the hard days, how far I’ve come and to keep plugging away.

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