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on the cards :: March

on the cards :: March

The fact I’m writing my March wrap on the eighth of April is testament to the busyness of life at the minute. I can’t believe the first quarter is done and dusted and we’re rapidly heading for ANZAC Day and our first frost.

I will confess, straight up, I am very rarely working on this project on the daily. There are a couple of days that are empty, and for the first time, I don’t even have a photo to fill them with. For now, I will leave them empty, and possibly think about coming back with a sketch or something in the future. I could get hung up on the missing card, and let it kill the entire project, or I can let the empty space be an empty space and keep moving.

I’m choosing to keep moving.

Things I’m trying to keep in mind as I shift into April’s pages:

*photos are an easy fill, but I shouldn’t get too reliant on them. Also remember to scrapbook some cards, not just print and call it done.

*I’m getting better at keeping little scraps of projects, but need to be better at collecting ephemera – I didn’t end up with a single thing to include from our Brisbane trip

* keeping a mess mat on my desk with a running list of dates I need cards for may not be insta-aesthetic, but it certainly makes it more likely I will fill those gaps.

It’s the time in these big projects I start to waver, and I can feel the rhythm slipping a bit, so my hope for April is I can create a habit of working on my card each night before bed, and not get behind and just do two marathons a month to catch up. Done is indeed better than perfect, but there’s no point doing the doing so fast that I lose the joy of the making, and the nuances of each day that a genuine daily junk journal would capture. I might do a weekly instagram post on a Friday, that should help keep me accountable!

Today is all about getting back into work mode. I’ve made a start on planning school, and fixed a major email snafu. The container is demanding my time and attention to make a start on getting sorted. I have swap postcards to finish, and the collage for my paid subscribers over on Substack. Like this post, my newsletter is overdue so it’s on my list to get started on today. My writing journal is calling my name, with plot bunnies exploding everywhere. I want to pull out my illustrated life journal and get set up for that. 100 days needs some TLC too…it’s a rather Mondayish kind of Monday full of busyness and admin, and somewhere in there I might even get to crochet. Happy Monday friends, what are you crafting this week?

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