Pizza Mail!

Oooo, I do love it when my postie comes to visit! The delightful build up of anticipation over the previous couple of days, jumping every time I hear a knock at the door, the delicious sound of a craft knife slicing through packing tape, the thrill of seeing the contents of the package for the first time… I love parcels!


Late last week, I was delighted to come home after a morning out, helping at my church, to find my mum had relieved the postie of a lovely pizza box. I held my breath. My much anticipated Lime Tart kit was here! I had been eyeing off the June ’08 Al a Tarte, and waited not-so-patiently until my little hobby fun built up, and finally, it was here! I grabbed something with a reasonable amount of slice-ability, and delved in. So beautifully packaged it was – my first glimpse inside the box was of some very cute lime green tissue paper. Iheld my breath as I lifted it up, and oh my! A little hand made card, with a handwritten note thanking me for my order, and wishing me much fun with the contents. And oh-so-delicious those contents are. It has the yummiest stamps & pretty, yet boyish, papers, and the embellishments are just devine.

How yummy does that look? I’m dying to try out the new stamps, particularly that gorgeous little birdy, so keep an eye out for some scrapping over the next few days!

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