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Project Life :: February

Project Life :: February


I sat in front of my computer a couple of weeks back, coffee in hand, baby in bed, steeling myself for the task of culling, editing & uploading February’s photos. Much to my surprise, I only ended up chosing 15 to tell the story of our month – a big change on January’s 100+. I think there are multiple factors that caused such a massive swing. For one, January was HUGE. We visited family. We went on a two week roadtrip covering 2200km. We hung out at home & did some renos to the cubby house. We went back to school.

Then February hit and we were off and running for 2015. School activities started. In between playing mum’s taxi, the smalls & I hung at home as we found our feet and a groove that was going to work for us this year.


Butterfly started ballet, so that got a full page, and she learnt to ride without training wheels, which also got a dedicated page. 


It worked in my favour, really. I was too slow on reveal day and missed out on getting a 4×6 paper pad, so I was working solely from the February Studio Calico kit. I ended up with a few cards left over, even without the paper to supplement. 

This is my second year of working monthly, rather than fitting a week into a double spread, and so far it’s working well. January had around 12 spreads – I can’t imagine trying to compress that into four! And on the other side, February had two spreads, and there would have been a whole lot of filler to stretch it out. I will confess I’m finding it a bit trickier to allocate time each weekend to work on it in the format, because it’s very easy to tell myself it can wait for another day. But for now, I’m up to date for this year, so we’ll call it a win. (Now, time to finish the last two months of last year!)

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