project life :: October 13-20


Sunday afternoon, the house was clean, I was able to ignore the basket of washing waiting to be folded, the baby was sleeping, and the older children were happily playing outside with daddy. I made myself a coffee and parked myself in front of the computer, my photos open in front of me, ready for choosing, editing, printing.

Then, of course, the baby woke. I fed him and snuggled as I edited and collaged and printed and checked and reprinted and reprinted and reprinted… As I have mentioned before, I have chosen to print my photos at home. Which is all well and good until I ended up reprinting multiple times because the colours and contrast were funny and where on earth did this weird generic paper come from with no branding on the back even when all the paper in the printer is Kodak? Yes, my dear readers, some goose who shouldn’t be left unsupervised on the computer printed with the paper upside down. More than once. Clever type, aren’t I?

With the photos FINALLY printed and the baby back to bed, I shifted to my big table and started cropping and shuffling photos, and flicking through the gorgeous cards in my pack. This layout admittedly is pretty simple, but it only took 20 minutes. I’m so glad I decided to take the plunge and get started on Project Life. I’m loving the ease of it, and the Jade edition is so pretty. I used a journalling card to do a quick roundup of what happened in the week, plus a Uniball Eye ink pen to journal directly onto the photos. I’m still playing catchup for September, the title page and the first week are finished, and the second week is in progress. They are taking the backseat to current weeks, however, to ensure I don’t fall further behind. I may come back later and add some more embellishments, but for now I’m just aiming for simple and finished. Photos. Cards. Journalling. Memories caught and preserved. Perfection.

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