Scrap happy…

Finally, a chance to try out my lovely Lime Tart kit!

I have been itching to a) dive into this kit, and b) scrap this photo, but I’ve been a good girl, and worked towards finishing my WIP’s first. But now, the binding is on the Jacob’s Ladder quilt, and halfway hand sewn, and the changemat is awaiting a delivery of PUL (please visit this afternoon Mr Postman!), so I took the opportunity. I love love love this kit. I found the papers so easy to use, they are right up my alley, and the inspiration was flowing!

Please excuse the wonkiness, I’m still perfecting the art of photographing scrapbook pages! Pretty much everything I used is from the kit, except the notepad page, and the buttons, which are from the packet I bought during my last outing to the op-shop.

And I can’t post without a close-up!

I really enjoyed doing some scrapping, even if it was hard to make the first cut in these gorgeous papers. Now I’ve just got to print some more photos & keep going now I’ve found my groove again. Plus I’m eyeing off the August “Half Tart” kit, over at Lime Tart, and I really should use a bit of what I’ve got before I buy more, shouldn’t I? Though I do need to replenish my Bazzill stash – I worked up to quite a collection, which has made me complacent, and now I’ve only got dodgy “don’t think I’d use that” colours left. And lots of pink. Very helpful, with one son, and I suspect another on the way.


I hope to have a quilt to show either tomorrow or the day after, plus I’ve got a few other sewing projects on the go that I hope to show soon.

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