Hello, I’m LittleWhiteDove, and I’m a photo-a-holic. I own two digital SLR cameras, a film SLR, two digital compact cameras, a polaroid camera and a Holga. And don’t get me started on my lens collection. So when we were in Europe, needless to say I took stacks of photos. 1740, to be exact. And that’s deleting the dodgy ones as I went. I’m slowly getting them organised – my first packet of 250 is in the process of being scrapped into a mini-book as I find the time, stolen moments between feeding the baby, feeding the children, or cleaning up from feeding someone or other!



Miss Butterfly has only been catnapping the last couple of days, so my creative time is much more limited than I would like. I have lots I want to do, and not enough time. The tiny girl is one month today, and griwung rapidly. The time will come when I have all the time in the world to get crafty, but until then, I’m going with the flow and soaking up the squishy, soft, snuffly, baby snuggles.

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