Sha wop bop a loo bop

the weekend’s here! I love weekends. Whilst no longer the pinnacle of sleeping-late-lazy-breakfast-reading-newspaper bliss it once was, there is nothing quite like waking to a small child beside the bed, flicking on the tv for some cartoons and all snuggling in for another half hour or so. I did attempt to hid under the covers once and pretend to be dead, or failing that, asleep, but that merely incited a rather boisterous game of peek-a-boo. So I’ve resigned myself to a fate of Mickey Mouse, Pooh Bear, preschooler cuddles and sloppy toddler kisses. Yeah. I know. Sucks to be me, huh? But hey, someone’s gotta do it!


So as I attempt to whip the house into some kind of order, in preparation for the onslaught to come (why is it that husbands seem to make as much, if not more, mess as the children?), I just wanted to pop in quickly and share a little birthday card I whipped up a couple of Saturday’s ago, after realising I’d procrastinated to the point of walking out the door *oops* and thus had around five minutes tops to come up with a card.



Another birthday this weekend means I’ll be raiding the offcuts box again, and I’ll be sure to show the results on Monday. One weekend, two birthday parties and the promise of a thunderstorm or three. It’s going to be interesting!

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