Time flies…

…when you’re having fun! Friday has snuck up and caught me completely unawares this week. It only seems a day or two ago that I was pondering the potential of a new week, and here we are, week over, and with it, a chance to reflect on my plans, and a desire to do better next week. (Or maybe the one after… I am a terrible procrastinator!). My surprise at how quick this week has gone is nothing, though, compared to my shock when I looked at the calendar this morning, and realised it was the end of February! Two months down already – how did that happen?


To wrap up the week, I thought I might post a couple of cards I made yesterday. One is to go with the change mat I posted yesterday, and the other is for my SIL for her birthday (another post on that later).




I didn’t get a chance to cut that fabric, by the time I did some stuff that had to get done, ignored the housework for a bit and made these cards, the boys were awake, and wanting to play. Maybe today. They’ve both just gone down, so I plan to sample some new TimTam mint crush bikkies that somehow fell into my trolley at the supermarket this morning (I swear, a bogeyman follows me in the shops, and dumps all manner of yummy treats crap in my trolley. Like I would pick up a packet of decadent TimTams on my own accord. Really.) and then I might get stuck in. My desk is somewhat clean (I won’t go so far as to say I’ve cleaned the studio, more than I’ve pushed layers of leftover projects to one side to clear enough space to make The Cards), so I might do up a couple of recipes I need for a kitchen tea on the weekend, and then get cutting!


Which won’t get done while I’m sitting here, so let’s do this! Happy Friday everyone!

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