Time out…

If you’ve been following me on Twitter, you may have noticed I’ve been lacking in the sleep department somewhat this week, thanks to a small boy who is teething. Which has impacted on my time to craft/sew/blog/anything except care for children & attempt to keep my head above water in the housework department. But yesterday, I’d had enough, and when I finally convinced number 2 son to sleep, just for a bit, number one son & I hit the studio, and messed it up. A clean studio is just a waste!


So with the toddler beside me, counting out buttons & laying with a sock puppet, I grabbed out one of my fav Lime Tart kits & some pics, and got busy.



Today is a catch-up day as the small one seems to be a bit cheerier, and the toddler is happy just mooching around behind me. Housework to do, 500 loads of washing to try & get dry before tonight, snuggles with tired babes, books, buttons, puppets. And maybe sneaking some chocolate & craft time as both boys slumber peacefully. Here’s to a productive Friday – let’s do this!

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