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…world card making day…

…world card making day…

Earlier in the week, I saw a post pop up on Facebook, about World Card Making Day. A day for crafting, right in the middle of a blogging challenge AND a making challenge? There was only one thing to do…hit up my partner in crime for a card making challenge. Though, does it really meet the threshold for “challenge” when the only criteria are – make a card on Saturday and blog about it?

This morning, before the mister arrived home again from his early start out at the farm, I took the chance to power through some work, and then he was home and I was down the street shopping and then home to change and straight out to the farm…from whence we’ve only just walked in the door an hour ago.

Which is the long way to say – I’ve only just scraped it in, by the skin of my teeth.

I knew from the beginning I wanted a general letter-writing notecard, and originally planned on using a cute “hello” stamp from the set peeking in the bottom right hand corner. Except the acetate backing wouldn’t come off. And I got it off and started peeling off the stamp…and promptly ripped the O off. It would seem that set is destined for a declutter! Instead, I grabbed the project life card I had been using as a placeholder for my 31 minutes pages, and fussy cut out the “hello” speech bubble, and layered with a couple of cute papers. It still felt like it needed something else, and an as yet unused frame due was the perfect finishing touch.

This card is now off to live in my stash, until I need to send a “just because” note. I am rather chuffed with the end result, though wishing I’d added some background stamping before adding the paper, for interest and texture.


This is project nine of 26 for the Make All The Things Challenge I am doing with Carrose Creative. You can see my other finished projects here.

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