100 Days 2024

100 Days 2024

Every year, I say I’m going to do #the100daysproject. Every year, I get at least a week in. Most years, that’s as far as it goes.

I think I’ve finished exactly twice. The infamous 2020 “pandemic breakdown but make it productive” major shift, and last year, technically, counts as a finish, even if that finish came about thanks to a last day power session of catching up on all the days I’d missed.

Casting my mind around various options, nothing was really grabbing me. I didn’t necessarily want something art based, as I have recently started on a series of artworks that I want to allow to develop in their own time. Daily work on those, at this stage, would suck the fun and exploration out of them; or that’s how it felt when I considered it. I could knit, but I have a jumper I need to cast off and then probably will want a bit of a break. Cross-stitch? Well I’ve been working on that almost daily anyway, and the nifty little app I’m using tells me I have only a month or so to go at my current stitching rate – well under the 100 Days I’m looking to fill. Crochet? Well I do have a stagnant blanket but also I’ve done 100 days of crochet blankets before, and it wasn’t tickling my mojo enough that I would want to do it now. Last time I crocheted for this project, it started well into autumn, much more conducive to crochet. February, the current cool change excepted, is not exactly the best time to be covered in a blanket-in-progress.

In the end, I settled on a project that I’ve been wanting to revisit since I gave myself permission to let it go in May last year – my photo a day project. I loved it, and I do remain sad I didn’t keep it up. I miss the way I needed to push myself, after the first couple of weeks, to come up with something creative and different once the obvious subjects had been exhausted. I miss the story telling, of using the caption to bring the photo to life, to really create a connection with the viewer. It was that storytelling, really, that drove me to pick up the project in the first place.

This seems like the perfect opportunity to revisit that project. 100 Days is less than 365, so in theory it should be easier to stay on track. I will once again be sharing daily on the dedicated instagram I created last year, and shooting using my “big camera” – a Nikon D850. Like last time, I plan to vary up the lenses each day, partly to give different perspectives, partly to getting me using gear that I’ve barely touched since I gave up photography as a business back in late 2018. Each photo will be posted with a day’s delay; a lesson I learned from my very first 365 back in the Flickr days was pushing myself to post same day created a false urgency that restricted me, made me feel like I had to just grab the first photo idea that came along, and I ended up more focused on the deadline than the actual photo I was creating. This time, I’m giving myself the full day to create the photo, and a bit more to craft the caption that shares what I am trying to convey.

100 Days, 100 photos. Seems doable, right?

(and psst – if you are joining in as well, and like me, work well with tangible progress trackers, I shared a free tip-in printable last year. You can find the link for that in this post right here.)

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