30 day book challenge


I came across this, this morning while surfing my Tumblr dashboard, and thought it perfect to accompany the 13/13 challenge. Who else would like to play along? I won’t be posting everyday for this challenge, but there will be a total of 30 posts at some point in 2013!! (side note – do you Tumbl? Leave me a link and I’ll come follow you!)



Probably quite early to be declaring this one!! Most of my books so far have been re-reads, but I did read The Book Thief for the first time, and it hit me hard in the feels. It was fabulous, and I read it in a day or two while Mr Dove was home on holidays at the beginning of January. Loved it to pieces and sobbed like a baby at the ending. SO so much I could say on this one, but I will keep it short by saying I think I would still feel the same even without the influence of first trimester hormones. It was beautifully written, very evocative, and the characters were well-developed and sucked me right in. 10/10 on this one.


Currently on the reading list – Anna Karenina, and a re-read of The Great Gatsby. What’s on your reading list at the minute?

(email blast going out to 13/13 readers in the next day or two, can’t wait to catch up and see how you’re getting along!)

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