30 Day Reading Challenge :: day 2


Well, that pretty much covers all the books I own! I am a habitual re-reader, if I own it, I have read it at least twice.

The first book/series that sticks in my mind, is from my late childhood/early teens. My grandmother gifted book one in Mary Grant Bruce’s Billabong series – A Little Bush Maid. She had read the same series as a child, and wanted to pass it on to me (never fear, my copies aren’t family heirlooms. Which made it no less heartbreaking when I managed just recently to accidently damage a page in my previously mint-condition copy. 20 years of TLC wasted. Heartbroken is not the word.) This is the edition I have:

I then went on to collect the whole series, and have re-read them more times than I can count. Not bad for a YA series first published in 1910!!

Of course, honourable mention must also go to the Anne of Green Gables series, as one of my enduring literary loves.

When it comes to adult fiction, I have a couple of “go-tos” when I am looked for the comfort of the pages of an old friend. I can often find myself reaching for The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, but my very very favourite book, that I have re-read to the point of pages falling out, is The Time Travellers Wife.

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