30 day reading challenge :: question 3


Favourite Series


Oh gosh, this is a tough one! I think most of my favourite series are YA ones, and quite old ones at that. Probably the most recent series I’ve read and loved was Harry Potter. Before Harry, there was the Tomorrow When the War Began series which I loved early on, but towards the end I think became a bit long in the tooth – suspension of belief can only get you so far.


Along with HP, my other enduring “would read over and over” series are <begin broken record programming>Anne of Green Gables, and the Billabong books</end broken record>. I wonder what it says about me that the series I hold dear are early 20th century YA series?


I will confess, I don’t generally don’t read series much. I didn’t read Twilight, or “that” series that had everyone all aflutter – neither are my cup of tea. I haven’t read the Hunger Games, but that’s more a “not sure if it will suit me” type of thing – any thoughts? I’ve read a lot of Patricia Cornwell’s Scarpetta novels, but I’m not sure that counts as a series as such. And of course, the trilogy in five parts, Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, rates a mention (I even bought the ‘6th’ book by a different author). Can anyone suggest a good series I should be getting hooked on?


Ramble ramble ramble. I think it’s the rainy Friday frying my brain. Today has been a mix of busy stuff and children stuff and fun stuff. I’m about to go chuck another load in the washing machine, and then sit for five minutes and finish the last 10 pages of Death Comes To Pemberley that I picked up at the library yesterday. Hopefully the rain will ease off… if not it’s a good excuse to hide inside and do some crafting.

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      My favourite series of all time just has to be Diana Gabaldon Cross Stitch. I too love Tomorrow When the War Began series and am a late comer to this one. My daughter got me hooked on the teenage war series a couple of years ago. I must say, that the reverse happened with Diana G. I got my daughter hooked on it and everyone else in her office have read my books to death…I have had to replace so many copies, just so I have books that haven’t been dog eared over and over 🙂

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      The series read is a very personal thing I find. I love the first three or four books of the Cross Stitch series – I don’t think I’ve read the last two. Same with Jean Auel Clan of the Cave Bear series – first three were great and then it became very ordinary. The last one was atrocious. Hunger Games is the best YA series I have read in a long time but is very full on. My all time favourite though is Alexander McCall-Smith’s No 1 Ladies Detective Agency books. Wonderful stories, engaging characters, intelligent without being weighty and a quick read.

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      Dude!!! Ive been telling you about the cross stitch series for months!!! They would be my all time favourite series, so many characters all weaved into her pages = love.

      Agree with Kylie about Jean M Auel, though I didnt mind book 5 – the last one SUCKED!

      The Twilight werent “that” bad. you just recently read a “romance” *coughs* they are lightweight and non thinking books.

      There is always the Bones series – Kathy Reichs, if you liked scarpetta.

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        I’ve read a few of the Bones books too. I have no opinion on the literary qualities of Twilight – it’s more the vampire thing. Plus, you know, the whole glorification of abusive relationships thing.

        It seems the cross stitch books might be next on my list…

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      PS I loved Harry Potter and the Faraway Tree series 😉

      PPS there is an Australian series – only 2 books that were pretty good, both very BIG books. Adams Empire & Kalinda – adventure, mystery, etc they were recommended by my pop – he always loved a good adventure series (think Wilbur Smith, actually his first 3 When the Lion Feeds were pretty good too!)

      PPPS Are you sorry you asked? I do love a good series!

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        Geez woman, get you going on a topic and we get an essay!!

        Is Kalinda as gory as Wilbur Smith? I’ve read his River God series (among others of his), and while for the most part they are good books, the overt violence doesn’t sit well with me. There is one scene in particular that still haunts me at times – and I read it just the once, when I was pregnant with Boy2. Five years ago.

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          Yep, I do like my books.

          Never read the River God series, found him to be hit and miss. Adams Empire has death (cant remember about the vilence) but I dont think they are OTT, there was one section with his wife that didnt end well & perhaps not ideal for you to read while pregnant! Compared to some books Ive read these are tame. Ever heard of Martina Cole – likely you should steer clear!!!

          As for the twilight, I didnt read them as a glorified abusive relationship, I read them as lightweight romance. if you want glorified abusive relationships Mr Grey is your man & I REALLY didnt like them AT ALL.

          Oh Cross-stitch has gore (1700’s war scenes) as well a really bad scene toward the end, but in the bigger scheme of things, they are handled well.

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      Thought you got rid of me…

      Did you read the Cross Creek Quilters yet? Now that is a nice wholesome series for you to sink your teeth into 😉

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