August Book Review :: Home Made Simple (for kids)

August Book Review :: Home Made Simple (for kids)

BOOK REVIEW - Home Made Simple For Kids

This book jumped out at me at the library back before we went away – Home Made? Simple? Kids? Sign me up! Inside, it is beautifully photographed with lots of easy, fun projects, some to do with your little people, some to do for them. A lot were things that I thought “oh duh of course!” type of projects that were a great idea that I already knew how to do, but had let slip to the back of my mind in the everyday of mamahood, while others were simple projects presented in new ways:


I am really keen to make one of these fun branches for the little people’s toy room. Maybe I should suggest a bushwalk this weekend. Purely for the mister’s enjoyment, you know? He loves bushwalking. And if a stick just happens to fall into my hands and land in the car, well, it’s not my fault now, is it?

To tell you the truth, I feel in a bit of a kid-crafting rut. Heck, I’m in a me-crafting rut. I have started a big declutter which is clearing my headspace and inspiring me to get WIPs and “one day” projects on the go and done, and we are also powering through some stockpiled craft kits. A book like this, while not really teaching me anything new, would be great on those days where they are begging for craft and I just can’t find the mojo.


Would I recommend this book? Yes. I would recommend it for people with miniature humans who love craft, and who may need a bit of an inspiration kickstart, of just looking for fresh ideas.

Would I buy this for myself? Maybe? Because a lot of the info isn’t new, I would be more likely to borrow again from the library rather than buy, unless I could get it for a great price.

Technical information:

Title: Home Made Simple for Kids
Author: Joanna Gosling
ISBN: 9780857831040
Published: 2014
Publisher: Kyle Books

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Please note – this is not a sponsored post. I borrowed this book from my local library, and all projects were chosen & funded by me.

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