Book haul

Phew. We survived. Bubba Bear only cried a bit when the needles went in, and stopped as soon as I picked him up. I think Bear took it worse than his little brother – he was in hysterics as soon as we walked into the doctors office! I ended up getting a whooping cough booster too, and my arm is still sore. Yep, I’m a sook. On the upside, the dentist wasn’t nearly as bad as I expected, just a filling really, so that was good. I’d got myself all stressed about nothing!


And is it just me, or does washng seem to breed in the rain? I did three loads yesterday, and I still can’t see the laundry floor. Sigh.


We dropped into the library after the doctors, as I was desperate for some new reading material, and I ended up with the four pictured above – the top two are fiction, th bottom two non-fiction. I made a crack at “Behind the Bestsellers” last night, and I’ve found it quite an enjoyable read.


Today, I intend to finish D9p (anyone feeling a bit of deja vu?) – the blocks are done, so it’s just a matter of joing & deciding on a border. Bikkies to bake, books to read, a request for a green bus. Enjoying the sunshine, playng in the sandpit, maybe finding a few puddles to play in after all the rain. Ignoring the housework, including the self-propogating washing, because it’s a beautiful day with beautiful boys, and I’m going to enjoy every last second of today. Let’s do this!

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