Branching out.

Next week is the start of school holidays here in NSW. After a busy term of running around, I’m very much looking forward to jammie days and lots of chilling with my small people. The three of them play beautifully together, so I’m seeing a few days of being happily ensconced on the daybed as I watch them whizz around on their scooters, or prepare to put on a show on the trampoline, or attempt to squeeze Butterfly into a dolls pram and wheel her around.

Which is the perfect opportunity to catch up for the 13/13 challenge! Today I took the two small ones to the library, and as well as some fresh stories for them, I collected a couple of books for myself.


I got a couple of novels – A Change of Altitude by Anita Shreve, and Change Baby by June Spence. On my way back up to the storytime area, an end display caught my eye, and the bottom book “What to knit when you’re expecting” kind of fell in my bag. Which then reminded me that while a knitted layette would be sweet, a name would be infinitely more useful, hence the top book. (side note – can anyone recommend any good books or sites? I just grabbed this one because it was thickish and looked reasonably new).

Baby girl is still asleep, and a grumpy but insisting-he’s-not-sleepy boy is resting, which means it’s mummy’s downtime too. A bit of knitting to while away half an hour or so sounds like just the ideal thing…

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