challenge approved {update}


The Emma Approved catch-up challenge is well underway – I think I’m the furthest behind, having just watched Clueless, and downloaded the book but haven’t read it. My local video shop didn’t have the movie or BBC adaptation, and the last few discs from QuickFlix have all been for the children, though the BBC Emma is next on the list.

So why am I blogging about it if I haven’t done much in the way of the challenge requirements? Well, for one, the characters are tweeting! And for another, the Emma Approved website has been updated, complete with this little gem:

If you haven’t yet, you can find and subscribe to Emma’s YouTube channel here.  With the date of the launch announced, I thought possibly we should add a small amendment to the book part of the challenge:

The Catch Me Up edition: Read Jane Austen’s Emma – I would suggest we aim to be four or five chapters in by October 7, ready for the first wave of videos.

How’s everyone else going in getting ready for Emma Approved?

Other useful links: Tumblr (track the tag Emma Approved for some wonderful discussion and fanart – plus the Tumblr fan community is totally on top of all the transmedia, so it’s a super easy way to see what is happening in the story away from YouTube), Twitter (this list is trackable if you don’t want to follow the characters yourself), Facebook, Pinterest, or Instagram.

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