…January book report…

…January book report…

January is always a delightfully lazy month, where we get to press pause on real life, and enjoy a slower pace. It’s a chance to play with new projects, and it’s also a fabulous month for reading, with lots of stolen moments and car trips and downtime…and the chance for a late night with a good book and no alarm to worry about. This year, there was also the fact I thought I had until the 6th to cancel my Kindle Unlimited trial, but I realised, after I was charged, that it’s actually the 4th. Having paid for another month, I intended to do my best to make it worthwhile!

My goal for this year, is a measly 20 books, which I know I will achieve without a problem, and was chose solely because it fit as part of the 20 before 2020 challenge! So far this year, I have read 8 books, with number 9 sitting at 60% – I was racing to get it finished because I did indeed remember to cancel my kindle unlimited sub, effective today. I was reading it just fine until I backed out to access some of the kids school books, and suddenly the kindle realised I was still reading an expired book and promptly locked me out!

Postcards From A Stranger; Imogen Clark – 3 stars (book depository | Amazon US | Amazon Aus) – As I start to write this review, I’m not quite sure why I only gave it three stars! Postcards was an intriguing look at how relationships are impacted by secrets, expectations, and how damaging concealment can be.

When Never Comes; Barbara Davis – 4 stars (book depository | Amazon US | Amazon Aus) – oooo boy, this was a doozy! Such a powerful story – how well do we truly know another person. When the protagonist is blindsided by her husband’s death, and the rapid unravelling of what she thought she knew of him, it inspires her own journey of self-discovery. More than a couple of love-to-hate characters, to balance against the sympathetic main character.

Do You Want to Start A Scandal; Tessa Dare – 4 stars (book depository | Amazon US | Amazon Aus) – I do love some Tessa Dare for a holiday read. Well formed characters, fun plots, plenty of side action. Perfection.

Once Upon A Winters Eve; Tessa Dare – 4 stars (book depository | Amazon USAmazon Aus) – a free novella by a fabulous author? Yes please!

Small Town Rumors; Carolyn Brown – 3 stars (book depository | Amazon US | Amazon Aus) – one of my Kindle Unlimited picks, I grabbed this one as I’d read one of her previous books and didn’t love it, but others had raved about it, so I thought I might give it a whirl. I must confess, I still m not enamored. I gave it three stars, as it’s fine for what it is, a fluffy, basic, quick holiday reads.

Anna: One Love, Two Stories; Amanda Prowse – 4 stars (book depository | Amazon US | Amazon Aus) – My heart broke for Anna and everything she fought through in the book. Her husband, however, I wanted to shake on the regular! Beautifully written and engaging.

Theo: One Love, Two Stories; Amanda Prowse – 3 stars (book depository | Amazon US | Amazon Aus) – the sequel to Anna, I don’t think Theo became much more redeeming in his own story. There was a bit more back story that did explain a lot, but then just as I started to feel sorry for him, he would turn around and do something so self-absorbed and self-indulgent that I returned to my opinion of book one, that he needed a good shake! Annoying as the character was, it was a well written story, and the author successfully made me feel something, which I guess is the whole point!!

The Clockmakers Daughter; Kate Morton – 3 stars (book depository | Amazon US | Kindle US | Amazon Aus) – I listened to this one on audiobook, and like most audiobooks, took me quite some time! I found it hard to keep a track of who was who, what time frame they were in and why they were applicable, which is something I find with her other books also. Didn’t love it, didn’t hate it…


So that’s January done, and on we go to February, where I’m sure my output will drop considerably as we head back into homeschooling and general real life. Such is the way of life. Once we find our rhythm again I’m sure I’ll manage to sneak in some ninja reading along the way!

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