Kylie’s Pride and Prejudice challenge wrap up

The end of August has come and gone, which means time is up for Kylie’s Pride & Prejudice challenge, so I figured it was time I did a post to wrap up my effort at the challenge.

Part one :: Read Pride and Prejudice {affliate link} CHECK. This was actually the only hard copy book I took on our road trip (I read a stack on the iPad though), and thanks to the joy that is holidays, I read it in under a week. Loved it as much as always (I think this was my fourth or fifth go through?)

Part two :: watch the Lizzie Bennet Diaries (official site). CHECK. Yeah, they twisted my arm and I watched AGAIN. Marathoned it while doing crafty stuff, which was actually handy towards the end of the series where things took a turn for the strange, and I could just listen rather than waste another eight minutes of my life on the disaster of a sob story that is episode 87. Ugh. It was bad enough the first time. And the Caroline-crash-and-burn nonsense? Let’s pretend THAT never happened. But it was all worth it for episode 98. And the Darcy, of course. I am just a wee bit of a William Darcy fangirl (well, the new and reformed William Darcy. The episode 60 Darcy is just a stuck up douche.)

Part three :: watch the movie (or BBC mini series, if you are a Wet Shirt Colin Firth type). CHECK. I watched the movie. Again. Well, except for the last bit, because the small people have scratched the crap out of my DVD, and it doesn’t work after a certain point. But close enough. I wasn’t able to lay my hands on a BBC copy, but I’m not too into Colin Firth’s Darcy, so I wasn’t too stressed. I would like to see it though at some point, as it supposed to be a much more faithful adaptation. The cinematography of the movie is fabulous, but it strips a lot of the core of the actual novel.



And since Kylie is swooning all over her blog about Colin Firth, I’m going to declare the Lizzie Bennet Diaries Darcy as the most swoonworthy. Sorry Kylie!

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