…on my bookshelf…

…on my bookshelf…

At the beginning of the year, I set myself a challenge to read 52 books this year. One a week. As of today, my tally on Goodreads stands at 25. One of those I’ve read twice, so 26. Halfway through the list, with only 1/4 of the year left to go. What Goodreads doesn’t count is my guilty treat…fanfiction. Add that in, and I’d be very close to my goal! Just in the past week, I’ve read 3-novel length fics 🙈

But Goodreads counts “actual” books, so that’s the goal I’m still working towards. Currently on my reading pile:20171009-DSC_0619
The Stalking Of Julia Gillard – library book, 50% done. I need to finish it this week so I can return it, but am enjoying it so far.

The Secret Keeper – borrowed from a friend, approx 50% done. I struggle to get a good rhythm with this one, but am aiming to have it done by the end of the month.

Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy – my copy. Late night reading sessions are no conducive to the brainpower needed to tackle Le Carre, but we have school break in a couple of weeks so I’ll get stuck in then.



The Party – picked up at the library when we were changing over school books. I gave this one 3 out of 5. It wasn’t a bad read, but found the characters rather unsympathetic

Fates & Furies – another library pick, found recommended on instagram. This was a rich, thought-proviking, four star book. Would definitely read again to pick up what I missed the first time through.

His Other House – holy moly did I want to strangle these characters for their determined selfishness! But that is the mark of a good book, getting the reader so emotionally invested! I gave it three stars, it was beautifully written, but wouldn’t read again due to the frustrations of the spineless characters who deserve everything they got!

The Words in My Hand – a gorgeously engaging story of Descartes and the house maid he falls in love with, and the society in which they move. A 4 star read.


And in between that have been some fluffy rereads of books I have collected from the free charts on iBooks, and my current favourite way to discover ebooks is via the Kindle First* program on Amazon – I’ve scored some great books I would never have found otherwise this way. A couple of not so great as well, but generally have enjoyed the books I’ve found this way.

What’s everyone else reading at the minute? Any must haves I should pick up next time I’m at the bookshop/library?


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      Will have to look up Fates & Furies! Very intriguing title! Also the Le Carre—I’ve heard good things!

      I just finished The Art of War—a quick read, but so good. I forced myself to read it very slowly because I didn’t want to miss the soaking.

      I’m also REALLY enjoying a Wonder Woman fanfic sequel. OMG SO GOOD…and still in development. 89k+ words and counting. If you’re interested I can send you the link!

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        Definitely look up Fates & Furies! Well worth a read. Will check out Art of War, and yes please to fic link! All my fave P&P five are either finished or slow to update 😭

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