on the bookshelf {April}

on the bookshelf {April}

With only five books in my reading challenge this year, my reading is likely to be quite sporadic, so I thought the easiest option would be a monthly roundup. Around the middle of the month, I’ll share what books I’ve been reading and some of my thoughts. In between times, you can find me on goodreads.



I mentioned in my March post that I had been telling Kylie for weeks that I would finish an Austen… and I finally did! I knocked Persuasion of both my “currently reading” and “five from forever” lists towards the end of March. Once I hit my stride in reading this book (rather than doing a page or three here and there), I really enjoyed it. And I don’t want to spoil it for you, but the love letter in this book is I-have-no-words romantic. Like I used the passage for my thread minder romantic. It was a sweet love story, with lovely characters, and a solid plot that felt realistic. Aside from that letter. “I have loved none but you.” SWOON. If you haven’t read it, and like a bit of Austen, I highly recommend it.

I also had a couple of re-reads this month (which is quite common for me). I read, a while back, about the concept of a “blanket book” – though I can’t recall exactly where I saw it mentioned. The idea that there is one book that is a go-to comfort read when you are stressed or sad or overwhelmed or just generally need to escape real life for a bit – a bit like curling up in a good doona, the blanket book wraps itself around you and snuggles you close. I find re-reading is a lot like this for me. I love reading, always have, and I’ve always been a re-reader – there are very few books I own that I haven’t read at least twice, generally more (like one of my personal blanket books, The Time Travellers Wife, which has been read so many times it is starting to fall apart). I like having a book on the go to escape to, but I don’t always have the mental or emotional energy to handle a new book, new characters, new plot. A re-read gives me the satisfaction of reading, with the ease of hanging with an old friend.

Only three books this month, but that’s feels a good fit for the way my life has been. Not too much (is there such a thing?), not too little. My April “books read” list is:

A Week to Be Wicked – Tessa Dare
Romancing The Duke – Tessa Dare
Persuasion – Jane Austen

And currently in progress, I still have:
Orison – Daniel Swensen
Emma – Jane Austen


Judging by the reactions of some Twitter friends who have just finished Eleanor & Park, I’m thinking it’s pretty high on my “next to read” list. I am keen to start on Austen’s Sense & Sensibility so I can read the updated version, but the update is heading off to visit Emma (the person) for a bit, so the pressure is off there. With Persuasion under my belt, and Emma (the book) in progress, I’m inclined to give the Austen a bit of a break and try something a bit different.


How’s your Five From Forever reading list looking?

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