on the bookshelf :: February

on the bookshelf :: February

As expected, February was much lighter on in the reading department than January – exactly half, as it turned out. Six finished books, compared to January’s twelve, but still an average of 1.5 books a week in a month where we were back to school and extra-curriculars and new projects; not a bad effort, I don’t think!

In January, I started sharing some stats and breakdowns, which was fun. I’m thinking I might track the various ways I could categorise my reads, and create charts at the end of the year – yes I am of a numbers nerd! Looking at the formats of my February books, I only had one audiobook this month, from audible, two hard copies (both from BigW), and three ebooks, all from IndyReads.

Genre wise, I had a bit of a mix again – suspense, mystery, drama, comedy/contemporary, contemporary, and literary. Five of the six were Aussie based (one of those was also split with a Singaporean character & setting), and the sixth was American. All were new to me, with zero re-reads this month.

Another fun thing I tracked this month – weird places I found myself reading!

  1. At the bar at a party waiting to be served
  2. At the exit of a ride at the show waiting for Butterfly and her friend
  3. Parked at drama waiting for the teenagers to finish their class
  4. At little athletics waiting for the next batch of kids to come to the event
  5. Listening to an audiobook while nursing my vineyard back to health
  6. In the church lobby after arriving early to set up for greeting duty

The links below are mostly affiliate links – I have included Amazon, Book Depository, and for the Aussies, QBD options. Where I have listened to an audio book, it is through my Audible subscription and I have linked to the version I listened too. If you haven’t signed up for audible previously, you can get a free 30 day trial here. Books marked with a ^ mark are also available with a kindleunlimited subscription that also has the option of a free trial here. The kindle links will also show hard copy options from Amazon. Please note the Book Depository prices have jumped quite a bit, but I have kept them included so you can see the book, it’s summary and any other details you might need.

The Last Thing He Told Me {kindle // book depository // QBD}
What do you do, when someone you trusts disappears, and turns out to have been hiding all manner of secrets. I read this book in a day, during a day trip to the coast. I couldn’t stop reading as I waited to see why he disappeared and where to.

The Map of Night {kindle // QBD}
A totally gripping story of marriage, priorities, and the way in which we view each other and let our past and our own agenda colour our views and actions, even if it is subconsciously. When his wife disappears at possibly the worst time, Justin’s reaction doesn’t quite line up with the family man persona he projects to win votes. His choices will change the lives of his entire family.

Between Water & The Night Sky {kindle // book depository}
Quite possibly the first “present tense first person” book I’ve read that I haven’t wanted to throw against the wall in the first three pages, this novel is a story of love, belonging, and identity. From the dying days of the White Australia Policy, through to the current day, Eva’s story is one of love and enduring in the face of racism, mental illness, and relationship breakdown. Stunningly moving.

Extinctions {audible // book depository // QBD}
Did I need to buy an audiobook instead of picking something from my library? No. Was I thankful I did anyway? Absolutely. Narrated by one of my favourite Aussie actors, William McInnes, the story of our protagonist Fred, his life and his family was beautifully performed, and weaved a story of growing, changing and learning, no matter your age and stage.

The Banksia House Breakout {kindle // book depository // QBD}
Adventure doesn’t have an age limit – the story of Ruth, Beryl and Keith, as they escape their nursing home and the weight of their families pigeonholing them. I giggled all the way through, messaging my friends constantly “this is so us…oh look we made it to Yamba! Finally!”. Light enough to be a fabulous weekend read, meaty enough to get emotionally invested in the characters. My husband works in aged care management, and it gave me a giggle to be sitting beside him, reading my book as he reviewed reports – “look! We’re both reading about nursing homes!”. Sadly, his work-mode self didn’t appreciate my humour!

Tuesday Evenings With The Copeton Craft Resistance {kindle // QBD}
I’ve spoken on instagram and in my newsletter about this book, and the reason I had to buy it without even reading the blurb. I loved it! A story about connection, acceptance and challenging our preconceived ideas about people and situations. Including an uncomfortably accurate peek behind the curtain of far right radicalisation, this novel speaks to the power of empathy and hope in the face on ongoing attacks. I loved it! While probably best categorised as a contemporary novel, it was powerful and thought provoking, much more so that you would expect of a book of it’s genre.

I’m hoping I can keep up the 6 a month average, that will get me slightly above last years total. In saying that, I’ve only read one book so far in the first six days of March, and half of another, so I might need to get my skates on and pick up the pace! What good books did you read in February I should add to my list?

**I am an Amazon, QBD & Book Depository affiliate, which means if you click this link and make a purchase, I will earn a small commission at no additional cost to you. I only ever affiliate link to products and places I genuinely use and love. Thank you for supporting my blog!

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