on the bookshelf :: January

on the bookshelf :: January

Part of my creative life that I’ve come to accept, that also bleeds into other hobbies, is that my brain works best in swings and roundabouts. I’ve learned to follow the mojo where it leads, and give myself grace to let go of shoulda woulda coulda.

Reading is no different. I’ve always been a voracious reader, but there are definite ebbs and flows to my habits. Last January, I read seventeen books. This January, I was pushing it to get four books over the line. Four is better than zero though, so I’m giving myself a pat on the back. One book a week isn’t a bad average, considering we had house guests for two of those four weeks, professional photos of the house which I needed to clean and decorate for, and a new school year to plan for.

All four of the books on my list were “phone books” – maybe I should call it the yellow pages month? Two were audiobooks from Audible, and two were ebooks, both through BorrowBox offered by my library. All were Aussie, with one non-fiction, one crime, one family mystery and one super fluffy romcom.

Over on Threads, earlier in the month, I had a conversation about bookstagram, the aesthetic flatly and how it doesn’t reflect real life.

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It tickled my mojo in just the right way , and this year I plan to style my reads as if they were bookstagram, but make it real. Instead of props, my books will be surrounded by the activities I was procrastinating on while I read, or what was happening around me. I listened to one audiobook as I wound floss for my cross stitch. I read one while I supervised the kids in the pool. Another I read while the boys built lego sets. It’s not aesthetic but it is authentic as heck.


Homecoming (Kate Morton) // it took me a bit to get into, but once I did I was hooked. I figured out one of the twists but didn’t see another coming until the big reveal.

Treasure and Dirt (Chris Hammer) // January’s audible freebie, it was a listen that kept me slipping in the AirPods every chance I got. I listened in the car, while I stitched, as I hung washing and folded it. My only minor nitpick is I felt like I was being beaten over the head by the connection to his other books through “the journalist Martin Scarsden”. I’m not sure if it was supposed to be world building or to cross promote his other books, but to me it felt a bit forced.

The First Astronomers (Duane Hamacher) // another audible freebie, and also the audiobook pick for my bookclub a couple of months back. It wasn’t quite as engaging as I prefer my narrative non-fiction, and I’m still not sure how I feel about an American educating on Australian indigenous knowledge, but it did contain some interesting information and I am glad I listened.

Match Me If You Can (Sandy Barker) // a quick and fluffy read, that was great to knock over in a weekend, getting me to open BorrowBox instead of scrolling when I picked up my phone.

I’m hoping to keep up with my one a week average over February, and maybe even make a bit of a dent in the backlog building up on my kindle – presuming, of course, that Beetle deigns to grant me access to the kindle that was mine but he has now decided is his. Maybe I need to ask for a new one for Mothers Day?

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      I don’t get the whole bookstagram thing. I’m thinking of unfollowing a couple of people because I am so tired of the unrealistic content.

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      Thanks for your book suggestions. While I don’t have Audible or a Kindle – I go the cheap route and only check-out library books – I appreciate knowing the titles and authors you read. I can’t get that Chris Hammer book, but found two titles of his I can listen to. And Kate Morton’s new book IS available. Yay! Happy reading to us!

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        I love the library and honestly, so many of my books are through their apps! It gets expensive if you’re buying every book you read, doesn’t it? I do like to include links though so folks can see they are finding the right book. I’m glad you found a couple of them, if you got Scrublands there is now a tv adaptation of it which is fabulous also! I hope you enjoy them!

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