on the bookshelf :: March & April

on the bookshelf :: March & April

It’s been a much slower start to the year, book wise, than normal – only 12 books for the year, giving me an average of three per month. I didn’t even bother with a wrap in March; what’s the point of a whole blog post for one single book? ONE. One little book finished in 31 days. Not happy, self, not happy indeed.

Then came April 3, and with the dawn came the loading of a preorder on my kindle – my dear friend Averil’s third book dropped and anything beyond the bare necessities to keep my children fed and adequately parented, and my house above bio-hazard status, was cancelled in favour of devouring this fabulous book. A 6am start, a pause to drive 1.5hrs for the orthodontist, then I made the teen drive home so I could keep reading, and it was done by 2pm.

And just like that, the reading drought was broken. I wrestled the kindle back from Beetle who seems to think MY kindle is now HIS kindle (and to solidify his claim, he’s named her. Celine. My kindle is named Celine…), and in a couple of days knocked out an Aussie outback romance I discovered when I stumbled on the author side of Threads. From there, a brief pause until How To End A Love Story released. I’ve followed Yulin for years, since her YouTube short series days. I discovered her thanks to one of the actors from Lizzie Bennet Diaries, we’re talking back in the literary web series days, when the kindle thief was just a wee babe in arms. A long time. So it was super exciting to see her debut novel take off like a shot – and deservedly so. I loved it! Then I kept the momentum going and knocked over a couple of books that had been languishing in the top of my trolley (as well as another I started and DNF’d on page two. If you have been around fandom long enough to know of My Immortal, it was THAT bad).

And so, with six books read over the last two months, lets get onto the reviews!

What Is Love – Jen Comfort // This was the March pick for the Barefoot Bookclub, via Amazon First Reads. It was a light, fluffy enemies to lovers story. It was a bit booktokky, and there were a couple of scenes rather spicier than I expected – fine for a book I’m reading for myself, kinda awkward for bookclub pick! Overall, I really enjoyed it.

Rocky Road To Love – Cindy Tomamichel // Found after chatting with the author on Threads, it’s an Aussie outback romance featuring archaeologists and geologists. Nerdy romance? Yeah I’m here for that. It was a quick and easy ready, and I was able to grab it on Kindle Unlimited thanks to said kindle kidnapper.

How To End A Lovestory – Yulia Kuang // Loooooved this one. Another enemies to lovers, and a truck load of angst ad personal growth along the way. It was also fun to get a little peek behind the scenes of film making and writers rooms. Highly recommend this one. I’m going to tie it for first with…

The Mistress of Dara Island – Averil Kenny // I think this might be my favourite yet! I loved the mystery and intrigue, and of course Ave’s signature immersive descriptions. It had me hooked from beginning to end. If you like sweeping Aussie sagas, I recommend checking it out!

The Door To Door Bookstore – Carsten Henn // I must confess, this has taken me too long to read. Translated from German, I found it quite austere in style, thought possibly it may be better in the original language. The ending felt a bit off as well. Not a terrible book but just not to my taste.

Numbercrunch – Professor Oliver Johnson // an interesting read for sure, discussing how we can use maths in our every day lives, with a particular focus on mathematical analysis of COVID-19, the way it spread and the various response measures. It was fascinating seeing the maths behind the raw numbers, and seeing those early, worrying days from a logical, mathematical perspective. If you’re a bit of a nerd like me, it’s worth checking out.

The Vacation Rental – Katie Sise // my final read for the month, this was the April bookclub pick. It was a mystery and I picked one twist, but not another. There were a couple of things that didn’t resolve in quite the satisfying way, but overall it wasn’t a bad read.

I’m currently reading Eye Of Rook on IndyReads, with no less than six books on my app bookshelf due to expire by the 17th, so here’s hoping I can keep the streak rolling! What are you reading this month?

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