on the bookshelf {march}

on the bookshelf {march}

With only five books in my reading challenge this year, my reading is likely to be quite sporadic, so I thought the easiest option would be a monthly roundup. Around the middle of the month, I’ll share what books I’ve been reading and some of my thoughts. In between times, you can find me onΒ goodreads. I’ve actually managed to read a few more books than I expected so far, thanks to summer holidays with Mr Dove at home. Included on the list is one of my Five From Forever books!

FFFi14 challenge progress report {March}


I liked “The Other Boleyn Girl”, it is on par with her other books, and is an engaging, enjoyable read. I think the hardest thing was being sooooo familiar with the story of Anne Boleyn that I just kept wanting to reach in and slap some sense into her. The other Phillipa Gregory books I have been less familiar with the characters involved – a passing knowledge of who they were, but, aside from “The Constant Princess” about Henry VIII’s first wife, Katherine of Aragon, not enough that I felt the impending doom leach from the pages. So that was a bit unsettling, especially at the height of her power when she didn’t care who she alienated as she felt she was untouchable. And Henry VIII, oh man, what a spoilt little brat of boy-man, which I felt previously as well, and is probably quite an accurate characterisation (well, as much as it can be at this far remove of time). Overall, it was a good read that I enjoyed, and despite knowing the ending, I found myself compelled to read “just one more page” (that turned into one more chpater – but I know I’m not alone in that, am I?).


My other finishes so far for 2014:

The Girl in Times Square – Paullina Simons /?a_aid=LittleWhiteDove
Rilla of Ingleside – LM Montgomery
A Week to Be Wicked – Tessa Dare
Romancing The Duke – Tessa Dare
The Scandalous Dissolute No Good Mr Wright – Tessa Dare
Any Duchess Will Do – Tessa Dare
The Lady Always Wins – Courtney Milan
Midnight Scandals – Courtney Milan

And currently in progress:
Orison – Daniel Swensen
Emma – Jane Austen
Persuasion – Jane Austen


Kylie has been blogging on Mondays and asking us what we have been reading on Facebook, and for far too many weeks I’ve been saying “this is the week I will finish an Austen”, so I’m putting it out there, that I plan to have at least one of these done and moved up to the completed list by next month. Pinky swear. (Maybe. Hopefully).

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      How can you read Emma and Persuasion at the same time? Isn’t that insanely confusing?? I love both of these books, and I always have multiple books on the go, but I can only read one Austen at a time. Too many people with the same name πŸ™‚
      E xx
      Ps. Can I steal your library card? I have forgotten my 5 (I’ll remember them, it’ll be fine!) and need to write them down somewhere. A super cute graphic sounds like the ticket πŸ™‚ e

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      Go the Austen! If you are interested in another really good historical author, check out Sharon Kay Penman’s books. They’re big, but oh so good! Her Welsh trilogy (Here Be Dragons, Falls the Shadow and The Reckoning) would be my favourite, although her Henry II trilogy (which now has 5 books in it????) is also fabulous.

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