on the bookshelf :: May

on the bookshelf :: May

Tell me you’re a creature of habit without telling me you’re a creature of habit? After breaking my book drought in April, I’ve been on a roll again in May, with a total of 8 books read.

Eye Of A Rook (Josephine Taylor) // An interesting novel, exploring relationships, chronic illness + the medical establishment’s dismissal and minimisation of female pain. It wasn’t necessarily an easy read, but a fascinating and thought provoking one.

The Skeleton House (Katherine Album) // Love, judgement and coercive control in the Mormon heartland; another not-easy read that had me hooked as I powered through to the end, holding my breath most of the way and raging at the forces conspiring to keep the protagonist in her place.

When He Was Wicked + Romancing Mr Bridgerton (Julia Quinn) // like the rest of the internet, I binged Bridgerton season three part one as soon as it was released, and then promptly fell into a whirl of discourse on Threads. It was really fun to be in the midst of fandom excitement in real time, for the first time in a long time. In amongst all the chatter, there were several recommendations for Francesca’s book. When the kiddos went away for the weekend, I downloaded it onto my new kindle and read it in a single night on the Friday. I lasted until Sunday before caving and buying Penelope & Colin’s book because June 13 is far too long away to see the rest of the story! I will confess Francesca’s was my favourite of the two.

The Bushrangers Wife (Cheryl Adams) // I wanted to love this one, I really did, but I just couldn’t. An upper class lady accosted by a bushranger, giving her a taste for adventure she would throw her life away to chase. The concept was good, the execution less so. I found the characterisations out of step with the time period (even for a rebel), and some of the phrasing was a bit too modern and pulled me out of the story.

On top of these five, I reread another three, just fluffy trashy romances that I don’t necessarily need or want to record on the blog for posterity!

8 books in May brings me to a total of 21 for the year. Not great compared to last year, but not terrible either. If I get my skates on, I might be able to make it 26 by the end of this month, for an average of one a week, which I like to think of as my baseline.

Have you been reading anything good lately?

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