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My name is Little White Dove, and I am a book addict. I am a total book worm, I never not have a book on the go. My office bookshelves are crammed to overflowing with books, most read at least twice; the well-thumbed favourites, even more. My brave husband once suggested we have a book cull, and nearly found himself divorced! I love the escape that a good novel  provides, I love soaking up random trivia from a non-fiction, and at the minute, I’m loving reliving my younger years with a spot of poetry that I studied at school.

Once I could whizz through a book in a matter of hours ( a Grisham would nicely fill in the space between dinner & bedtime, a Bryce Courtney might last a week if I had some uni study to do), but now, with two munchkins, reading time is precious. So this week, after the children are fed, watered & in bed, the housework done, and the husband firmly ensconced in front of the TV, I’ve taken some time to immerse myself in the written word once more.



On the nightstand this week are two books, one science-y type (I am a total science geek! Actually, scratch that. I am a total geek, full-stop!), and the collected works of Kenneth Slessor. I’ve been alternating between the two, and it’s been wonderful to rediscover the joy of poetry. I am loving reading poems that I once studied in-depth, and becoming acquainted with some that I’m meeting for the first time. I’m also about half way through “A Short History of Nearly Everything”, and hope to polish it off over the weekend, children-dependant, of course.


But alas, Mr Slessor’s stay is almost at an end, and shortly must return to the library from whence he came. Any suggestions for a replacement? What other poets are worth a read?

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