a-camping we will go…


Now Beetle is getting bigger, the Phil & Ted’s Nest that we were using as a portacot isn’t really an option any more – it’s a fantastic little bed, and so quick & easy to set up, but being low & bendable, the little rotter can just push down & crawl out of it, and had, on more than one occasion recently, simply rolled out in his sleep. So it was time we looked at options, but being our last baby, and probably not all that long off wanting to move into a bed, I wasn’t keen on the idea of buying a new portacot. So with the holidays upon us, and a roadtrip in the works, I found an hour to closet myself in the studio & whip up a little bed wrap I have had in my mind for a while now to stop him from rolling off the camp bunks.
LWD-9053-001Just two long strips of cotton from my stash, a square added to the bottom & attached to each side (so he can’t roll under the sides & fall out), and then bound around the top. It worked really well, he didn’t fall out at all, though I want to come back to it and add fabric between the base & sides at end, because Beetle, it seems, is a wriggler extraordinaire, and I would often have to pull him back into bed properly after finding him halfway to the end of the bed when we came in at night. The only downside is, being fabric, he can still easily pull it down & climb out, so I do need to sit with him, but once he is asleep, it works like a dream – no more babies on the floor!


(my apologies for my sudden disappearance – my computer had a few days holiday at the computer doctors, but I am back on track and ready to get busy blogging for 2015 – including some REALLY fun stuff to share next week!)


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