a delicate situation


Last holidays, we went camping over at the coast in our camper trailer for the first time. Which was a load of fun. But it was also a bit of a hike to the amenities block. So we’d pack up all our bits and bobs, and wander over to the showers, my hand generally occupied holding Butterfly contained on one side, and the other hand balancing a precarious ball of her clothes, my clothes and our toiletries. Somewhere in this juggle, I was sure that, despite strategic layering and bundling, at some point I would potentially end up losing my delicates. Yeah, I have the big issues, I know.

So. Since then, my plan has been to make us all a shower bag to keep all delicates contained and undisplayed. Wise move, no? Finally this wek, I got time to get to the fabric shop, and grabbed some homespun and cord, and whipped up these little drawstring bags – one each in the children’s favourite colours, and then two slightly larger ones in the grey for Running Bear and I. They were super quick to whizz up, maybe 15 minutes at the most? The only measuring I did was a rough length for the children’s bags so they are all roughly the same size, but even that was more of the yeah that looks good enough variety. Same with the button holes. For 15 minutes work and less than $2 in materials, they are a hit, and the two little ones especially have taken to carting them around and filling them with toys.

Today has been full of errands, including another stop at the fabric store for some more camper trailer sewing. It’s the last day of school, and the holidays are here! Please forgive me if I don’t blog as much over the next few weeks as I enjoy having all my little chickens in the nest. If you don’t see me, I haven’t disappeared, just taking a break, though I’ll try and pop in now and again with a few projects. The clock’s ticking, 1.5 hours until my boy is home, time to get cracking on this to do list.

{And so AJ doesn’t rouse on my for breaking challenge rules:::}

Opening balance : -15
In: 10 Fat quarters
Out: 7 fat quarters (approx)
Current balance : -12FQ

YAY! Still in negative territory!

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