A girl and a gown.

Our third child is girl, after two precious boys. So I knew I definately wanted her to wear a traditional long gown for her baptism. Except by the time we baptised her, she was 10.5 months old and walking. So with Butterfly being to big to wear her mama’s Christening gown, and too mobile for a full gown, I decided to step up the plate. two metres of silk taffeta, 6 metres of lace and 20 small pearl buttons later, it was complete.


I started with Oliver + S’s “Puppet Show” pattern, with the tunic length top.

I added lace between the skirt and hem facing, and also at the bodice-skirt seam, and also at the cuffs.


The bloomers likewise got lace added at the pockets.


I then altered the tunic pattern – replaced the sleeves with lace, removed the collar, and lengthened it significantly to create an over-gown for Butterfly to wear for the church service.

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