A little bit revealing…

Have I got you intrigued yet? Or scared? Considering I am 38 weeks pregnant, revealing would be scary!


However, please uncover you eyes, and try & refrain from running away squealing in horror. I am actually referring to a post I did a week or so ago, where I hinted at a project in progress – remember I showed a sneak peek of “something old”? Well, my something old has been completed:

It’s another bonus crazy log cabin quilt, rescued from my mum. This one was one that I’d started, but failed to finish,at the same time the blocks were pieced for the first craz log cabin quilt I showed. 6 of the blocks for this quilt were completed, with the other three needing a couple of extra strips & then trimming to size. It’s only a small quilt, with the block being 8.5″ finished, so will either be a cot quilt, or a play quilt for the new baby.


And I couldn’t resist showing a close-up of some of the lovely fabrics I used:

I prefer the lighter fabrics to the darker, but there’s no point doing a log cabin without contrast!


The quilt was also the first time I’d used continuous binding, and I must say, I’m quite thrilled with the results. Previously I’d added binding to oposite sides and then ends, which left me with quite bulky corners. I’m definately doing it continuously from now on! And a huge thanks to Emma, for suggessting the joins be done on the diagional rather than straight – again, less bulk and a lot neater! Thank you!

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      Lovely quilt LWD. I’m quite partial to reds and browns, so really like the fabric choices. Good luck for bubs arrival 🙂

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      Awesome quilt!
      Your baby is about one now. Congratulations.
      Question: Do you have a pattern for this quilt?? I’ve been searching for a Crazy Log Cabin quilt pattern and haven’t found one I like as well as this one.

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