A little problem.

Madam Butterfly has been toilet trained for a while now. Which is many different kinds of awesome, except for in the pants-fitting-department, with most things her size designed to still be accomodating nappies. The poor little thing has a pile of pants that are either the right length but too big around the backside, or fit nicely at the waist, and leave her ankles at the mercy of Sir Jack Frost. So yesterday, we hit up the fabric shop, to grab some lace. After I’d picked the lace, I spotted a stack of premade piping, which I thought would be a nice finishing touch, and ended up with a nice magenta piping, since there was no hot pink.




I’m glad I added the piping, makes the extensions look a bit more intentional. I do need to unpick and fiddle that left leg a bit to poke under the end that’s showing. And it meets the Miss Butterfly standards for “mine cwoves be pwetty”, so I think I can mark that off the to-do list. Now, just for the rest of the to-do list. How about we don’t talk about that one, hey?

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