a new friend.


Part of my “catching up with real life” plan now I’m feeling well, includes tackling the Room of Doom. AKA, my studio. It’s in a baaaad way. I’m currently half way through clearing off the space formerly known as my desk, and have even managed to liberate my sewing machine. In amongst the piles of, uh, creatively stored craft supplies, I found this little rag doll that was originally meant as a gift for a friend’s little girl, but I forgot to add the pigtails, and hadn’t gotten around to embroidering on the mouth before I became unwell, so it languished in said piles. Until yesterday, when Butterfly came to join me in the studio after her nap. “DOLLY!! Can I have her? Is her for me?” and so, dolly has a new friend. Butterfly has been dragging her around everywhere, and proudly presented her to nanny this morning – “This mine dolly. Mummy made her for me from FABWIC!!” She may not be the prettiest or fanciest rag doll around, but if Miss Butterfly is happy, I’m calling that close enough to successful!

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      Aww so cute!
      i remember a time Miss K would refer to my rabbrics. Luckily she grew out of it as it was one of her spelling words last week 😉

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