A productive weekend

I had a good run on the weekend as part of my “don’t think, just do” campaign, and managed to knock over a couple of projects I’d been planning for ages.


First was an art smock for Bear. I scored a metre of rubber backed Pooh Bear curtain fabric on clearance, so I drafted up a pattern, and here’s what I got:


I was quite chuffed with how this turned out. It was my first go at drafting something with sleeves, and it worked! Yay me! A couple of minor boo-boos, but easily fixed, and not noticeable at all. Not bad for a grand total of $6, is it? It is a bit big, but that just means it’ll last for ages.


So while I was on a roll, I pulled out another pile of fabric I had, and made a little swag/sleeping bag for Bear to use when visiting/travelling/camping.


The star lining was a bargain, the cordouroy outer, not so much. Shhh, don’t tell DH!


I’m about 1/3 of the way through quilting the D9P, but may have to ignore it in favour of some hemming… though I can hem while watching tv, can’t I? Hmm, hemming tonight, quilting now, I think.


Sleep small boys, dream sweet dreams & take your time…

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