a quilt for my girl.

I had some fat quarters sitting in my stash, that a certain small girl adores. “Pway FAH-grip, mama?” she’d plead, and start pulling them off the shelf. Which was all well and good, kept her entertained, gave me a chance to do some sewing while she spread them out and wrapped her dollies in them. So over the long weekend at the beginning of the month, I decided it was time to actually do something with them and make the wee girl a quilt now that it is getting quite chilly. I used this pattern, to make a cot sized quilt, and it came together really quickly, I had it quilted and binding attached by the end of the weekend. I used four fat quarters in the Babushka range that I picked up at Spotlight last visit, and then added in two fabrics in my stash that fitted the colour scheme I was aiming for. It did get interesting when I had to start fussy cutting due to a certain someone having at the fabric with a green highlighter. Thanks baby girl. Though that was slightly less disturbing than the fourth fat quarter which, while thankfully free of highlighter, was instead accessorised with what looked like yoghurt or banana smears after a certain someone wiping their mouth on it. Again, top work little one.

I didn’t have as much batting in my stash as I thought I did, but I had one piece that was *just* wide enough, so I used that, but I don’t know if it’s perished or something? It’s wool, but feels really thin and stiff and not very warm at all. Does anyone else have a problem with stored batting?So that was disappointing, but then it is only a “temporary” quilt until I can find fabric that I really love to make a decent sized quilt, so it’s not huge stress I guess.

I then FMQed it with different patterns:

An echoed teardrop/paisley for the Babushka sections.

A meandering loop the loop for the cream circle fabric.

Hearts and swirls again, for the hot pink.

Feathers for the teal. I am now officially in love with feathers!

A meandering daisy chain for the flowery sections.

And not photographed, wavy lines back and forth for the stripes.

Overall I’m pleased with it, and it was good practice for my FMQ, which truth be told, as a major secondary motivator to do it!! And nice and quick to get done, which is always a bonus! But most importantly, Butterfly thinks it’s the best thing since sliced bread. Or overnight bags, anyway. “Mine bankie!” she’s declared, so we’ll call it a win!

My big productive day has been shattered by a killer headache, so I’m heading back to the lounge to watch some more Dinosaur Train with the small people before school pick up. A mug rug is cut out, I have two new canvases, and more ideas than I can poke a stick at, but no mojo to attack any of them. Maybe an early night tonight might be enough to knock it on the head and we can go for a fresh start tomorrow. Fingers crossed!


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