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…advent calendar, sewist style…

…advent calendar, sewist style…

Back in November, I promised myself I would be good. I saw all these amazing advent calendars, and I tried to resist. I really did.

Then the unboxing videos started, and the FOMO set it. Past me had made a terrible life choice. Thankfully, one of the calendars had been on my list opened up a final round of parcels, and I jumped on the opportunity quicker than you can say “add to cart”. It finally arrived yesterday, and I hooked in and ripped open the first 17 parcels I’d missed to date.

I went with the Vintage colour way for The Lingerie Society’s advent calendar. The vintage option seemed like it would offer me enough colour to be fun to work with, but soft & subtle enough to work under the vast majority of both mine and Miss11’s wardrobes.

Aren’t they delightful? There’s strappings & sliders, labels & charms, power mesh & jersey, motifs & elastics. I barely had finished my coffee this morning before I was opening up day 18 full of shimmer & lace goodness.

Half of me wants to scrap the rest of my Christmas list and dive into undies sewing. The other half of me is trying to be responsible and doesn’t want to give up so close to Christmas. We’ve been to town this morning for Santa photos, and to pick up the last of the supplies I need for the Christmas outfits. Tonight is supposed to be the traditional Christmas lights tour, according to our advent calendar, so I want to cricut up some boxes to make trail mix snacks for the children. Don’t even ask me how my gnomes and reading and December Daily is going. Yeah, I definitely don’t have time to fall down a lingerie rabbit hole right now. Bring on the new year!

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